Deep Winter Totem Edition released by Gallmeister


Thrilled to announce that after selling out of its first printing in three weeks, and its second printing, a Deep Winter Totem Edition was released by French publisher Gallmeister on January 1, 2016. 

Translated from the French:

"A first novel of incredible emotional density." —John Paul Guery, THE WESTERN MAIL

"It's beautiful: impeccable history, splendid writing, absolute blackness on the white snow, all this in the service of a first novel..." —Bernard Poirette,RTL

"With this moving first novel, remarkably written, the American Samuel W. Gailey has made a master stroke: a furious thriller, bitter and bloody, [with] the contours of a strange gothic thriller." —Philippe Blanchet, LE FIGARO MAGAZINE

"...more than a tale of noir...some passages even boast a beautiful lyricism." —Quentin Civiel, THE WORLD OF BOOKS

"Effective and cruel." —Christine Ferniot, TÉLÉRAMA

"There's Larry Brown in Gailey." —Karen Lajon, JDD

"Within hours, under the snow, far from men, cruelty and innocence deliver the ultimate battle..."—Elise Lepine defector

"A black novel, powerful, disturbing, remarkably written by Samuel Gailey, an American that must be followed." —Colette Herman, Schuss